One App Keeps Everyone Up to Speed

Contractor Sign-up

Download Leveled℠Pro from our website, Google Play, or the Apple App Store. Setting up your project sends an invite to your clients. Easy!

Client Sign-on is Easy, too

Once a client clicks on the link in your email it will take them to a web portal where they can create an account to access their project. If they’re using a mobile device or tablet, the link will prompt them to download the app to open an account.

Progress can be tracked 24/7 by all project partners

Leveled℠Pro lets contractors and clients see what’s been finished and what still has to be done just by logging in.

Private Holding Accounts ensure timely payments

Leveled℠Pro provides a private Holding Account for each client to ensure funds are available for each phase of the project. Contractors can also verify that funds are available for the next phase of a project.

Project details lets you share information with others

Leveled℠Pro lets clients and contractors access progress reports and photos to review at their convenience.

Every phase of the work is documented

Leveled℠Pro protects the interests of contractors and clients by providing a detailed real-time record of the project.